Panasonic - 4K30p movie wearable camera

Panasonic's new 4K30p movie-shootable wearable camera HX-A500 will be available for about ¥42,000 on June 12.

HX-A500 has a unique style where its body and lens parts are separated. So, while the lens is positioned and worn, you can control the camera through the body part.

It features an effective 90.3MP 1/2.3 inch BSI MOS sensor, the image processor Crystal Engine Pro+, F2.8 lens, 1.5-inch LCD display, and Wi-Fi/NFC ability. It supports recording video at 3840×2160/30p (Max. 72Mbps/VBR), compressing in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format, and saving as an MP4 file.

The "Movie Slide Show" editing function is interesting. It automatically extracts highlights from multiple movies and creates a short movie with movie effects and music. There are 2 shooting modes: Dynamic mode and Natural mode.

HX-A500 has an improved image stabilization mechanism to support active moving and also 3 levels of inclination correction ability. It is JIS IP58 standard waterproof so that you can shoot for up to 30 minutes at 3 meters below the surface of the ocean.

  • Color: Orange, Gray
  • Size: 26.5W×26.5H×68.5Dmm (lens part), 59.5Wmm×94Hmm×26.7Dmm (body part)
  • Weight: 31g (lens part), 128g (body part)
  • Media: microSDHC card

Multiple accessories for HX-A500 will be sold separately on June 12.

- Clip Mount ¥2,000
To clip into position the lens part of the camera from the spot where you would like to record a video, such as a cap or bag

- Multi Belt ¥5,000
To store the HX-A500 (all the parts: its lens, body and cable) while still being able to shoot with it more casually

- Multi Case ¥4,000
To attach the body part and lens part on a fixed surface such as the handlebar of your road bike

- Head Mount ¥3,500
Let's you position HX-A500 on an accessory that can be worn around your head