Lotteria - "Tsukemen" ramen burger out for a limited time only

Lotteria did it again. They made another ramen burger.

The last one was a ramen burger in collaboration with the famous Menya Musashi, and this time it will be a Tsukemen (ramen noodle with dipping soup) burger in collaboration with Taishoken, which is well-known for its delicious Tsukemen dishes and customers lining-up outside.

So, this new "Taishoken Ganso Tsukemen Burger" will be sold from May 20 until sometime in mid-June. It comes with a burger, dipping soup, and chopsticks.

The burger has a noodle patty. You can choose the amount of noodle patties from one to three patties. Fish flakes and pork bone based sauce and mayonnaise are on the patty. It comes with a dipping soup to dip your burger into which has ramen-like toppings such as roasted pork fillet, bamboo shoots, and green onions.

Eating the burger while dipping it in the warm ramen soup sounds awesome!

  • Burger with 1 noodle patty - ¥650
  • Burger with 2 noodle patties - ¥700
  • Burger with 3 noodle patties - ¥750