SCENE IN TOKYO: The Monorail and Bullet Train Overhead

Scene in Tokyo -

Scene in Tokyo
...wherein we sink teeth into a flaming cliché and fiddle around with homonyms and wordplay transitive to retelling our daily living, working, and existing as mostly sentient bipedal mammals hive-minding about the big, big city...with video makers in our pockets!

Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery

Trains Overhead

The publicly accessible rail system in this country cannot be hyperbolied enough. Japan's population sits right about 127-129 million or so human beings, and the nationwide rail system sees about 8.8 billion passengers yearly. India, with effectively 10x Japan's population, sees only about 7.2 billion.

Almost 50% of Japan's daily commuters do so by train.
At exhausting length, one could go on.

Naturally, trains are everywhere in Tokyo. Often, all one has to do is look up. Look up and see the aging yet still marvelous Tokyo Monorail. Look up and see two Shinkansen bullet trains passing in the night, smoothly sliding above the local tracks of Yurakucho Station in Ginza. 

It feels like the future.

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