NEW: Sony's Latest Wireless, Bluetooth, Waterproof Speakers

NEW: Sony's Latest Wireless, Bluetooth, Waterproof Speakers -

New Product for a Crowded Market
Today Sony outed their attractive new line of palm-sized, waterproof, high-output portable wireless speakers. As with most Sony products, the speakers are simply named: SRS-X1.

The pricier than average SRS-X1 (and because it’s Sony, probably of higher quality) joins an already diverse and growing field of relatively affordable, take-anywhere Bluetooth speakers with built-in power sources. With help from Panasonic, even Hello Kitty has an offering! See: Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Sony’s spherical, 185g speakers are intended for both indoor and outdoor use, and their shape and design allow for omni-directional, 360-degree sound distribution in a variety of environments. The SRS-X1’s waterproofing protects against spills and even accidental submersion, but Sony cautions that extended periods underwater, particularly warmer waters, will indeed damage the speakers.

  • Colors: Black, White, Pink, Blue
  • Output: 2.5W
  • Power: Internal Battery/Plug-in Charging
  • Availability: June 21
  • Price: ~¥8500 ($85.00)

More photos below.

Editors’ Note:
While not covered here, in conjunction with the SRS-X1, Sony also announced a new directional, bar-shaped portable speaker with similar specifications, the SRS-X2.

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