Japanese Reporter Knows Why Cats Like to Watch Humans Bathe

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So… it’s Not Because They’re Perverts?
Filed right next to Do Dogs Really Enjoy Vegetables? and Does the Praying Mantis Prefer Daytime or Nighttime TV Drama During the Mating Cycle?, we have here yet another entry for Frivolous First-World Non-Scientific Queries With Self-Assured Results
But okay, to be fair, we do kind of want to know. 

Luckily, a reporter called ‘Fanatic’ (ファナティック) from Japanese news site MyNavi has a few theories; and they are as follows:

1. Cats Hate Things and Places that Don’t Smell Like They Smell and They Want to Stink Those Places Up, Too 
We all know that cats like to rub their bodies and faces on anything they can find - particularly if the item being rubbed is a color upon which their fur will achieve maximum visibility. Unless the cat is really funky, we usually can’t smell or detect the scents, dander, and those gross eyeball excretions. Cats, of course, are all over and all about that. Fanatic says that because bathrooms are cleaned more often than other rooms, kitty can’t deposit enough of its stank. This annoys kitty.

2. During a Shower or Bath, the Bathroom is Warm, and Cats Like the Warm
Fanatic is pretty sure that cats 
come to the water not (only?) to check out the naked human, but as animals naturally attracted to warm things, they also want to find out just how warm the water is. Because cats roll that way - with the curiosity. If no humans are present and the bathtub has a cover to keep the water hot, and many Japanese tubs do, as with warm spots on the carpet, car hoods, sun-warmed rocks, etc., cats are want to sit atop the tub. That's a big score for cats. 

3. Cats are Intrigued by the Smell of Soaps and Shampoo 
Lastly, adding to reasons #1 and #2, the unfamiliar smells will attract cats. Again with the curiosity.

To judge his and for our own analyses, Fanatic advises that we take care to observe our cats’ behavior when they enter the bathroom. We can thereby confirm his or possibly add our own reasons for feline interest in human bathing. Oh, and be sure to leave the door open for kitty.

Good to Know!
If you read Japanese, by all means jump over to
MyNavi and check out Fanatic’s work. Cat lovers in particular will be pleased to know that much of Fanatic’s fanaticism is cat-centric, as evidenced by other recently explored topics (these are unaltered machine translations - it’s just better that way):

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Sometimes, you really have step back from it all and just...take it in. This is an amazing country.

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