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Volkswagen’s Newest Model
You’ll have to forgive the terrible pun, but in this case, it’s actually less of a pun and more of spot-on, PG-rated double entendre, e.g., the lady pictured here and below doing the modeling, and then VW's new Tiguan compact crossover/SUV...model.

Those who run the auto industry in Japan, and those who watch, are well aware that putting a cute girl/beautiful woman beside and inside your new car is what’ll get eyes. And while that’s the case almost anywhere, but Japan does it with a lot less pretense - it’s right out there, plain to see: Look at this attractive woman, then buy our cars!*

Cases in Point:

Volkswagen’s Method:
Scroll down to see how this foreign brand is doing it right. It’s just what’s needed here in Japan. And General Motors, with your fancy new Corvette and Cadillac for the Japanese market, you could learn from your competitors across the Atlantic - observe:

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*Unless of course you’re trying to sell beige minivans - in that case you hire Frodo and mash him up with Peter Rabbit.

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