Asian (Chinese) Godzilla Trailer: Is He the Hero? And is Our Species Broken? (VIDEO)

Godzilla 30 -

This is the Asian (Chinese) Trailer for the 30th Goddamn Godzilla Movie
...and though by all logic it seems we shouldn't give two shits about it, apparently we do. Because monster. And pew-pew. And Cranston. And Watanabe (Oooohhh, Japanese authenticity!). Sure, Cranston and Watanabe are giants with genuine artistic chops, but we all know they're just hammering a paycheck - and good on them for gettin' paid,'s just...uh.

Who needs this?

Also, instead of "Asian Trailer," producers more accurately should say "Chinese." See, those subtitles, the squiggly little lines and boxes and what-not at the bottom, are Chinese. Of some kind. Could be Mandarin. Cantonese. Simplified Chinese. Plain-old complicated Chinese. It's one of those. But it's not Japanese. Nor is it Korean.

Okay, sure, to be fair, they do tend to all look alike until you get to know them.

The writing systems, of course. 

Will We Ever Like, at Some Point, Realize that We're Just Being Fed Pre-Chewed Garbage?
Unlikely. Because the thing is, what do we, as a increasingly interconnected, globalized pop-culture milieu really have to look forward to? Is there an alternative to the derivative, rehashed, low-concept brain candy exemplified by this kinda movie? Are we really that into the 30th saga of giant nuclear radiation vaguely benevolent ocean lizard guy?

What if, instead, what about looking forward to a bold colonization of the moon? Of Mars? Or the stars, in general? What about a radical, large-scale energy modernization initiative? Or... what about celebrating being on the cusp of breakthroughs in understanding of the human brain, neurochemistry, psychology, and our larger macro-physiology, which, in concert, are pushing us inexorably toward a reverse engineering of the human animal and the creation of an artificial self-awareness which will offer profound insight into consciousness and what it truly means to be a thinking meatsack?

Nah. We want Godzilla 30. And Spiderman 6. And a remake of blah blah blah. It doesn't matter that those who make the movies are bereft of creativity (and souls, maybe), because we the consumers will consume it anyway - we just can't be bothered to get excited about anything original, or anything that really matters. 

In all likelihood, at this moment in history, what our planetary pop-cultural consciousness anticipates most is the iPhone 6. Whoooo-hoooo.

Hypocrite Addendum:
But no, yeah - hell yeah, I'm still going to see Gorilla Whale 30! Pew-Pew! Cranston! Non-specific approximation of Rodan! I'm am a barely conscious cabbage!

• • •

For Those Caught Unawares, According to the All-Knowing Wiki:
The name "Godzilla" is a romanization, by the film production company Toho Company Ltd., of the original Japanese name "Gojira" — which is a combination of two Japanese words: gorira (ゴリラ) 'gorilla,' and kujira (鯨, くじら) 'whale'. The word alludes to the size, power and aquatic origin of Godzilla.