JTT - In-car Karaoke system

JTT, Japan Trust Technology, has released the in-car Karaoke system Driving Karaoke! Kuruma-Utamaru.

The in-car Karaoke system is compatible with any downloadable Karaoke applications for iPad/iPhone/Android. Music played through the smart device and the singing voice through the microphone are sent to your car's FM radio tuner via FM radio wave, and then they are played from the car stereo. The Driving Karaoke! Kuruma-Utamaru set consists of either 1 or 2 microphones (depending on the set), Karaoke unit with 2 microphone input terminals, FM transmitter, and cigar plug.

You can also sing with a video streaming service like YouTube.

The microphone's volume and echo volume are adjustable with the dials at the side of the Karaoke unit.

The set with a single microphone is ¥4,980, and the set with 2 microphones is ¥5,480.