Elecom - USB memory stick to connect both smartphone and PC

Elecom is going to release a USB3.0 memory stick with conversion adapter between microUSB and USB - the MF-SAU3 series - in late April. Because of the built-in conversion, the MF-SAU3 series can connect both smartphone (USB2.0) and PC.

This small USB memory stick separates into 3 parts: a USB memory stick, a conversion adapter for smartphone/tablet, and a cap for the adapter.

8GB model - MF-SAU308GBK
16GB model - MF-SAU316GBK
32GB model - MF-SAU332GBK

  • OS: Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X (10.6-10.9)
  • Interface: USB 3.0/2.0
  • Size: 15.5x20.9x7.5mm/3g (USB memory stick), 15.5x30.8x7.55mm/4g (Conversion adapter)



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