Thanko - Tablet stand for those tired of tired arms

From Thanko's "Gorone" (means lay down/bunk down) series, a new tablet and smartphone stand to support your smart device for you to use while you lay down was just released.

It's not easy to use a tablet or smartphone while you lie on on your bed. That will eventually give numbness in your arms. But, if you have the stand, there will be no need to hold your tablet or smartphone and then you can enjoy using it for a long time without your arms getting tired.

The smartphone holding part is compatible with iPhone or a smartphone less than 100mm in width. Regarding the tablet holding part, it's compatible with a tablet less than 195mm in width.

The angle of the stand's neck is adjustable up and down.

Gorone Stand "Chotto Matte"

  • Price: ¥4,800
  • Weight: 1,700g



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