Here's Why Sony Killed the Walkman

Why Sony Killed the Walkman -

...Summed-Up in Video
Aside from performance artists, the occasional grandparent, and the ranks of post-modern hipsterdom (one of the early 21st century's foulest cultural malignancies), statistically nobody pun-intended rocks the cassette-based Walkman these days. They're relics; they're the personal audio version of the Motorola StarTac. Some of us now 
look upon these Terminal Anachronisms with nostalgia, but look is pretty much all there is to do.

Sony continue to release namesake digital Walkmen, but they officially ended production of the tape-based flavor of player/recorders in January of 2013...a full year before the industry twisting device saw it's 30th anniversary.* Okay, on one hand that seems kinda lazy, but on the other, it's likely they were only selling about 37 per year worldwide, so - sorry kids, get grandma an iPad. The hipsters will already be at Goodwill, so that problem solves itself.

The Kids are Not Having It
Well, obviously - without the youth dollar, the product's going all kinds of nowhere.

But it's fascinating to observe these kids' reactions, and also, to realize that we're about 3-5 years from the exact same sentiments being aimed at CDs and DVDs. And in 20 years, when, instead of the seamlessly implanted devices most people use, fumbling around with a physically external, non-cybernetic communications and entertainment device will seem just as quaint.

Technological advancement is a helluva drug.

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*Actual year is debateble; we don't care to debate it because 30 is a way better number than 29 or even 35, as some other counts counts.