Mouse Computer - Open source-themed character Unity-chan laptop

Mouse Computer has started accepting advance orders of a super-geeky gaming laptop computer from their gaming brand G-Tune yesterday in a limited quantity - Only 100 units.

The model is called unity-chan! Collaboration Pasokon NEXTGEAR-NOTE i540BA1-Unity. Pasokon means "personal computer" in Japanese.

It's a laptop PC that is recommended for operating the comprehensive video game development tool - Unity. It has a kawaii girl's character "Unity-chan", created by the gaming developing company Unity Technologies Japan, designed on the top board.

It features an Intel Corei5 4200M CPU, 8GB DDR3 memory, 500GB HDD, GeForce GTX 850M GPU, non-glare 15.6-inch full HD display and Windows 8 64bit for OS. Also, a 3-month version of the user-friendly animation creation software "CLIP STUDIO ACTION" and the paint tool to create 3D character animation characters "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" are pre-installed.

Capacity of the SSD or HDD, CPU, and other devices are customizable.

  • Price: ¥99,800 or more (depending on customization)
  • Size: 374x252x31.4mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg