Thanko - Fingerprint authentication mini camera

Thanko released a finger authentication mini camera for those who are very sensitive about protecting the privacy of their photos and videos.

The body is smaller than palm-size (91.2x34x12.8mm, 37g), but the camera is able to shoot photos and videos in reasonably good quality (Photo: 1600x1200, 2MP - up to 40,000 pictures; Video: 640x480, 30fps - up to 300 minutes) or work as a voice recorder for a maximum of 960 minutes. It's also usable as an 8GB built-in flash memory, and a 32GB microSD card can be used when you need additional capacity.

To check the data saved in the camera, the finger authentication is definitely required, so there is no need to worry about somebody else peeping on the data inside. Since a maximum of 10 finger prints can be registered and saved for the camera, it can be shared with up to 10 people as well.

  • Price: ¥17,800