Ricoh Imaging - Palm-sized PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit; only 1,000 sets available

PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit will be released on April 18, and only 1,000 sets will be available in the world.

PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit comes with the palm-sized DSLR Camera "Pentax Q7" released on July 5, 2013 (Please check out the details about Pentax Q7 here), 4 kinds of zoom lenses, related accessories such as lens hoods and a camera bag.

The camera bag (O-CB133) is big enough to carry the Pentax Q7 with PENTAX-02 lens attached and 5 Q-mount interchangeable lenses at the same time.

The estimated price is ¥120,000 - ¥130,000.

PENTAX Q7 Premium Kit includes:

  • PENTAX Q7 Body (Color: Black x Black)
  • PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME (Color: Black)
  • PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM (Color: Black)
  • Metal hood for 01 - MH-RB40.5 (Color: Black)
  • Plastic hood for 02 - PH-RBB40.5
  • Plastic hood for 06 - PH-RBA40.5
  • Plastic hood for 08 - PH-RBF49
  • PENTAX-100 PL Filter
  • Camera Bag O-CB133
  • Dedicated presentation box