Go Japan! Robot T-Shirt & More Dorkiness

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Come forth, Fall!
But We Still Want Dorky T-Shirts.

Summer Wanes, but it's still t-shirt time.
But not all t-shirts are decorated equally.

Here at Technosnark T-Shirts, we cater to a somewhat exclusive crowd of geeky, dorky, awesome people, and since AkihabaraNews’ demo is the geeky, dorky, awesome people of the world, we rolled up to them all like:

“Hey, we’ve got some goofy t-shirts we wanna sell. Can we buy some space to do that?”

And AkihabaraNews said:

“Uhhh, sure. Just behave yourself, okay?”

And so with business done and permission granted and a promise to not take things too far, we now present our line of geektastically minimalist tech t-shirts!

2014 Collection:
Technosnark T-Shirts Set 1.0

There are currently 6 dorky designs available at the Technosnark T-Shirts online storefront. For a better idea of what each shirt looks like, l
arger images of each individual graphic are available for clicking on below.

Here's the lineup:
ROBOT JAPAN LOVE (featured above)
This dorky robot is holding a sign saying "FIGHT!" Or it could be translated as "DO YOUR BEST!" Or, could be just a lovely little J-robot holding a sign with Japanese written on it, which as a concept is actually pretty cool all by itself.

This one’s pretty easy to figure out. Do you like, perhaps even love robots? Well then, boom: the ToasterHead on ROBOT LOVE is holding a heart. And that is robo-romance. Robomance?

You know when MC Whomever gets on the mic and starts talking about "Dropping the Science?" Well, what if you had an eyedropper, filled with science, and while maintaining your hip-hop street cred, you could like…visually pun all day long? That’d be awesome.

It’s not (yet) integrated into your physical body, but we are already dependent on this technology, which technically means we're cybernetic organisms. That's right, you and all your friends are cyborgs. Maybe not your parents though.

Anachronistic icons and symbols are everywhere, and Technosnark T-Shirts just loves to point them out. Seriously, how long are we going to hang on to these?!


Merging with our smartphones is only the latest example of man & machine combining into a super-organism! It’s actually been going on for a long time...there are already machines inside us!

Thanks for taking a look at our 2014 lineup!

For all available colors, styles, configerations, sizes, and a few non-t-shirt products (get babies started early on the geekiness), jump over to the Technosnark T-Shirts online storefront.