au by KDDI - Smartphone assembling kit that you can build by yourself

au by KDDI is going to release a weekly magazine for a smartphone assembling kit in collaboration with DeAGOSTINI Japan, a publisher that issues a weekly magazine specializing in collectable items.

Once you start subscribing to the weekly magazine, parts of the smartphone can be delivered to you once a week, and you will receive a few parts per week until all parts are received.

But, do the math and you soon realize that it would take 520 weeks (about 10 years) to build your smartphone and the cost will be 1,028,410 yen!?

And as can be seen in the video, it may also cause some frustration and anger with your wife as you work on building your smartphone...

  • Size of the smartphone will be 135x90x30mm
  • Battery life: 40 minutes
  • Text message: Maximum 139 letters
  • Camera: 0.32MP