The national long-running TV program "Waratte Iitomo!" ends its 32-year history today

Today, the final episode of Japan's nationally-loved long-running variety TV program Waratte Iitomo! was aired in the Studio Alta building located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Waratte Iitomo! started with its host Tamori (Kazuyoshi Morita) in his signature sun-glasses in 1982, and today was the 8054th episode. It will be missed.

In Japanese, 笑っていいとも!, romanized as "Waratte Iitomo," translates to "It's Okay to Laugh!"

It may be no exaggeration to say that there is no Japanese who doesn't know Waratte Iitomo! and its host Tamori. In fact, it is said that Tamori is the person with the highest public notoriety in Japan, which means he is better known than Japanese prime ministers.

Waratte Iitomo! has set 2 Guinness World Records, and today Tamori received the official Guinness World Record certificates for the following records for a live show:

- Longest continuous hosting of a live television program
- Highest number of broadcasting times of a live television program


Photos by AKB48 Times