Samurai CupNoodlers (VIDEO)

Samurai Cupnoodle -

Look for Meaning.
You’ll Find Little.

...and that is totally okay. We’ve mentioned before how Japanese TV commercials aren’t necessarily windows into the culture, they’re more an exercise in contextless, hyper-irreverent games of weirdo one-upmanship.

So, one shouldn't take them too seriously.

Postmodern Samurai Noodlers, by Nissin
Atop the same contemporary marketing bandwagon as Samuride energy drink, this clever bit draws distinct parallels in pantomime between the choreographed group behaviors of the culturally iconic samurai and those of modern, idol-adoring, screaming like (and at) little girls, noodle-eating J-youth.

Okay fine, another strange twist, but we promise: the average J-viewer chuckles, shrugs, and finds them just as inexplicable as the rest of world.

However, aligning the cultural pillar of the iconic, if overly romanticized, samurai lifestyle with that of today's affluent, coddled youngsters longing for unattainable pop-culture puppets in heels and hotpants… well, this one might actually offend some Japanese elders.

But, and with all due respect, given than they’re eld, they won’t have to be offended for very long.

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Editor - July 08, 2016

Global noodle behemoth Nissin, a company very well known for it’s playful, often bizarre TV ad campaigns, has once again unleashed a winner: two hungry samurai come across some ducks; one of the ducks ain’t exactly a duck; goofy hijinks ensue.