Product enabling soft contact lenses to be inserted and removed without touching the fingers

In July 2013, Meditrek in Yokohama released the Meruru, which enables soft contact lenses to be inserted and removed without touching the fingers.

"Using soft contact lenses requires practice, and even after practicing, quite a lot of people find it difficult to insert and remove soft contact lenses. Some people fail at practicing, and stop using contact lenses, because they think it's too difficult. If there was a way to handle contact lenses easily, without hurting the eyes, it would be a great help to such people."

Because silicone doesn't cause eye allergies, the Meruru, developed by Meditrek, uses silicone, not rubber, for both the inserter and remover parts. The inserter is stick-shaped, so fingers don't need to be used: The lenses aren't picked up, they're suctioned up. The remover takes the form of tweezers. The angle at which contact lenses are suctioned up, placed on the Meruru, and inserted must be exactly right; so must the angle when the Meruru is picked up. Meditrek made even the die for each part more than ten times.

"Currently, colored contact lenses are very popular, so this is widely recognized already. Some people start using it without knowing how, but it's very easy for such people to use. Although this product is good for beginners, they still need to practice the conventional way. If beginners practice with the Meruru to learn how to handle contact lenses, and when they don't have it, they need to use their finger to remove the lenses. We recommend the Meruru users to practice both ways. "

Meditrek expects the Meruru to be used by everyone from children to seniors. Contact lenses used by people with aphakic eyes, which lack their own lenses, are prone to falling off the finger, but the Meruru stops that from happening.

Regarding how long you can use the Meruru, Meditrek recommends replacing it if the silicone becomes soiled. The Meruru is currently available only in Japan, for 1,980 yen, but Meditrek also plans to sell it overseas under its own brand.