New electrolyte could enable lithium-ion batteries of the future

The secondary battery is one of the core items and technologies for supporting future energy savings. Currently the best secondary battery is a lithium-ion battery, however, there are still critical challenges in attempts to reduce charging time and with high voltage charges.

A few days ago, a research group from the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) announced that they have developed a new type of electrolyte that could solve the above lithium-ion battery issues.

This new electrolyte includes a 4 times higher level of lithium-ion than in existing electrolytes, and it has 2 amazing features that existing electrolytes don't have: ultra-fast reaction and excellent dissolution resistance.

The thickened electrolyte is adoptable to the development of new lithium-ion batteries for electronic vehicles or smart grids. It can make battery charging times one third shorter and also bring 5V high voltage operation into reality.

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