Yamaha Motor - TRICITY - First Leaning Multi Wheel Bike

Yamaha has just announced that they will introduce their first LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel) bike - TRICITY - in Thailand next month. They are aiming to sell 10,000 bikes within a year in the country.

The bikes will have a 125cc engine.

LMW was developed under the concept of "New Standard City Commuter" with easy driving performance, sense of stability, and uniqueness. TRICITY is the first product from the LMW series. It is planned to be produced by one of the Yamaha Motor's group companies, Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., will start being sold in Thailand, and then will be introduced internationally in Europe and Japan by the end of 2014.

Yamaha has also said that it is trying to copyright "Leaning Multi Wheel" for all multi-wheeled bikes that turn using a leaning motion.

Weight: 150kg
Color: White, Gray, Red