Girls of Anime Japan 2014 (and some other anime stuff)

Anime Japan 2014 -

Anime Japan 2014:
An Intercultural Experience

Imagine an event called Anime Japan 2014, an event held in the de facto capital city of the country that spawned forth the genre. Absolutely whatever image that comes to mind, no matter what your location on planet earth, no matter what your station in life, will be 100% correct. It was exactly what it sounds like it was: an impossibly dense diamond of dorkiness crammed into the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

The Lessons of Anime Japan 2014
Discerning an overall theme was impossible. I have no idea what was going on.

Well, okay maybe that's not true - there's this: it appears that the ability to draw characters over 25 years old has vanished from the skill sets of all Japanese anime artists; the mean age is somewhere around 13.5, with a standard deviation of who cares. And speaking of deviating, the sometimes cutesy and non-sexual, but much more often hyper-sexual fetishization of youth in this art form has fully metastasized. 

For the layperson with enough active brain cells to be considered sentient, it would seem that anime conventions are kind of like rodeos, or vegan chili cook-offs, or monster truck & tractor pull expos: they're primarily exercises in live-action cultural anthropology, i.e., who cares about the event, you go to watch the crowd. 

The most important lesson I took from Anime Japan 2014 was that AkihabaraNews needs someone else to cover anime. Any takers?!

Since not everyone is as big a snob as I am, and just to like, you know, be fair, we will offer this:
Anime Japan 2014 Official Description

AnimeJapan 2014” combines the elements of the business market and the traditional festival such as vendor booths and stage events for fans to enjoy over a period of 2 days. We hope to make “AnimeJapan 2014” into the world’s largest animation festival so that our fans both domestic and international, licensees, buyers and all the people in the world can have a meaningful experience.
[The quotation marks are sic and not explicable.]

Okay Fine, Fine, Fine - Let's See Photos of Girls Now:

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