Portable X-ray Units

Job in Yokohama offers the PORTA series of portable X-ray units, with five models: Two for human applications and three for animal applications. The company started developing these products in 1997, and released the first one commercially in 2006. These X-ray units are compact, lightweight, and durable; they're sold mainly overseas. Currently, they're manufactured at Job's plant in Yokohama.

" This model is for use with animals. It's used especially to X-ray horses' legs, and we've sold a lot in the European and US markets. Users include vets and racehorse breeders."

Job released models for human applications in 2010. They don't differ much in performance from the animal units, but they comply with the relevant regulations in each country: The Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in Japan, FDA regulations in the US, and CE marking regulations in the EU.

"Our animal X-ray units have built up quite a track record; we've already sold about 2,000 worldwide. We've developed this technology further for human applications, and we expect substantial demand. So, we intend to promote this aspect of our business."

Among human applications, these units are expected to find growing demand in home healthcare, hospital rounds, and medical vehicles and helicopters. Rather than in developed countries, Job expects to uncover demand in emerging economies where hospitals are still in short supply.

Job originally sold these units overseas through distributors, but now, it does direct sales through its own Import-Export Division. Recently, Job's market has grown to include the Near and Middle East and Brazil, as well as Europe, the US, and Australia.