Thanko - Live View Binoculars for iPhone 5

Thanko is now selling binoculars that work with iPhone 5 - called Live View Binoculars for iPhone 5.

With regular binoculars, you have to move your face/eyes closer to the lenses. That position could make you feel tired or make you easily lose the object you want to see. Or if you wear glasses, it's probably not clear what you are looking at.

You no longer need to peer through the binoculars with Live View Binoculars for iPhone 5 because your iPhone 5 will be attached to them, and the monitor will display the view through the binoculars.

So, you can record the image with your iPhone 5 exactly the same as the one you could see through binoculars. Multiple people can look at the view together in a comfortable position.

  • Price: ¥5,980
  • Weight: 632g
  • Accessories: Attachment case for iPhone 5, Strap, Shoulder bag, Cleaning clothes

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