Untitled Two-Man Tokyo Tech Show - Episode 4 (VIDEO)

Untitled Two-Man Tokyo Tech Show - Episode 4 (VIDEO) - AkihabaraNews.com

Untitled Two-Man Tokyo Tech Show 
Our cliché cop-out of a name is (EVEN NOW) is still holding strong... it's kinda sticking. If anyone's got something better, leave a comment and if we use your suggestion we'll send you a super powerful laser or something. That's not joke. We've got one.

Episode 1: Geektastic in Akihabara

Episode 2: Shiny in Shibuya

Episode 3: Shenanigans in Shinjuku

Episode 4: Nakano
This week, AkihabaraNews contributor Nayalan Moodley and editor Reno J. Tibke stood around in very authentically Japanesey Nakano waxing geeky on the latest J-tech news.

Nakano is one of those places stuck in time - but a good and very economically and culturally healthy time. As it's quite close to the geographic heart of Tokyo, where real estate is so incredibly expensive that it's not even worth it to research how expensive it actually is (we just know), combined with the fact that there's not a whole lot of available space, the big-box stores cannot penetrate. This means that the Ma & Pa-crushing 'shopping mall' in it's modern form is unable to reshape the neighborhood. As such, an almost uncountable number of tiny shops, bars, and restaurants continue to not only open the shutters every day, but also flourish.

Nakano is a pretty cool place to be. It's also home to the one building in Tokyo that might rival Akihabara in relative levels of focused geektastic dorkiness. But that's another video for another day (for a taste, see: JUNKWORLD).

Episode 4's Covered Stories Include:

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