Fire up your soul like a Samurai! "SAMURIDE ENERGY DRINK"

House Wellness Food today released a new energy drink called SAMURIDE ENERGY DRINK produced with "Japan" as the theme.

Speaking of energy drinks available in Japan, foreign products like Red Bull and Monster Energy, come to mind first if you live here. Of course, there are many old school longtime energy drinks that exist here like Lipovitan D, Tiovita and Alinamin V, however it's hard to think of any "fashionable" Japanese energy drink brand easily.

Not only having a cool package, SAMURIDE ENERGY DRINK has unique ingredients that can differentiate itself from other competitors. Several spices that Japanese people are traditionally familiar with, such as star anise, jujube, ginger, Asian ginseng and Siberian ginseng, are contained in SAMURIDE ENERGY DRINK.

  • Price: ¥190 (250ml)