is about to break into stardom!

Have you heard of ?

You should know them because they are ready to electrify the world! is a female idol group born in Akihabara, Tokyo. "Dempa" means electronic signal and "gumi" means a group in Japanese. でんぱ組.inc - Electronic Group Incorporated!

The group consists of 6 girls and they are all hardcore "Otaku" for things like anime, gaming, cosplay and so on. They heart Akihabara and they take great pride in saying that Akihabara is their home field!

They participated in JAPAN EXPO in Paris and had many concerts at home and overseas last year. This year, they already started their first national tour last January and they announced that they will perform in one of Tokyo's most well-known concert venues -  20,000 seat Budokan.

Before becomes superstars, watch some of their performances here: