Single-Page Analytics for all Major Social Networks? Yes, Please!

HubNami -

Doing More and Keeping Track 
We would like to introduce you to an essential new tool being developed for small businesses; is a simple, powerful solution for analyzing social media efforts by allowing small business owners to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results.

Social Media for Small Business 
Our mission is to help small businesses engage with audiences and drive business results by integrating top social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages into one centralized dashboard.

Where & Who?
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA we are a privately held company with a dedicated group of entrepreneurs committed to designing and developing sophisticated online tools for small businesses.

We can provide a seamless service enabling you to immediately accelerate monetization of small business social traffic. Contact us today to begin planning how we can work together.

Yes, AkihabaraNews uses HubNami
Our client is advertising here at the site, so obviously we have to shill for them, right? Nope, negative.

In truth, we could have just repeated the copy they provided, collected our ad revenue, and left it at that. We decided to add this last paragraph as a sort of bonus testimonial, a bit of value-added for their ad dollars. is itself a small-ish business, and our broad social media presence is unquestionably the best way to reach out to our Japanese tech-loving audience. We know we need to do it - the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr - but tracking it all, assessing effectiveness, watching for patterns in individual platforms, and then attempting to aggregate everything into a meaningful statement... it's just unreasonably time consuming.

With a single login, HubNami displays all our social media analytics on one page. We like that.



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