Pink Burger! McDonald's also takes advantage of cherry blossom season

A slightly pink-colored burger called Sakura Teritama is going to be released tomorrow until mid-April from McDonald's Japan.

The basic teritama burger is one of the most popular seasonal burgers from McDonald's that you can buy in Japan.  It is a pork patty coated with Teriyaki sauce and cooked egg.

Now they have announced the release of a very special Cherry Blossom version - Sakura Teritama!

So, along with the Teriyaki flavored pork patty and egg, the Sakura Teritama has buns with a very delicate flavor of cherry blossoms and pink mayonnaise that includes red radish.  I think this pink mayonnaise, especially, will get many curious people looking to try the burger.

Let's break-down the name:

  • Sakura - Cherry blossom
  • Teri… -  Teriyaki flavor
  • …tama - Egg

In addition to Sakura Teritama, the regular Teritama, Cheese Teritama, Chicken Teritama, and Sakura cherry drinks will all also be released for a limited time.




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