Yukijirushi's White Coffee = Milk?

Japan is awesome especially when it comes to food, culture, entertainment, and of course, geeky techie things, however Japan is not awesome at all regarding the coffee situation. It is usually very bitter or extremely watered down and diluted. One of the most popular types is called "American" at a regular cafe. If you order this, you're basically getting bitter coffee diluted with hot water.

Another phenomenon with coffee in Japan is that anything with milk will have way too much of it in it. If you order a latte, it tastes like it is probably about 4 parts milk to 1 part coffee.

Also the word "milk" automatically means "sweet" for coffee, especially for prepackaged coffee.

Now, Yukijirushi-Megumilk (MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co.,Ltd.) has announced that it will start selling Shiroi Yukijirushi Coffee on March 11. It literally means Yukijirushi's "white" coffee.

Although it says コーヒー (Coffee) in big letters on its package, any coffee with the word "white" describing it is probably basically a sweet milk drink with some drops of coffee for some flavor.

Ugh.. White Coffee.