Skymark Airlines to introduce the Airbus A330 & super-mini skirt Flight Attendants

Skymark Airlines, one of the Japanese LCC (Low-Cost-Carrier) airlines, is going to start running the Airbus A330-300 on May 31. Skymark is the first Japanese airline to buy the A330-300.

To celebrate the beginning of service with the A330-300, for a half-year limited time, Skymark's twenty something female flight attendants on duty on the A330-300 will wear super-mini skirts (15cm-above-the-knee skirts).

Yeah, I know you guys got excited by this news, however, think rationally! If an emergency happens, what could these girls in the super-short skirts and high heels do? Also, some passengers might be unduly excited by the uniforms and disturb the flight attendants with inappropriate acts. Ewww. The uniform could interfere with security and public peace. They even cannot help passengers store their belonging in the overhead compartment...

This campaign may be a bit controversial.

There is no rule to regulate crew's uniform under the aviation law, so the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism made a comment that they will keep their eyes on the campaign.

With the security risk, would you still be interested in booking a flight on a Skymark A330?

Photos by:
Aviation Wire

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