King Jim - Neutral BOX - check what's inside without opening it

King Jim's high-tech Neutral BOX allows you to save your precious time and not have to look around inside to remember what you have stored inside of it, because the box will tell you what is inside without having to open it.

The key is a digital tag on the box. The number on the tag can be read with a photo of the items inside using your smartphone through a dedicated application. So, if you need something, you will know where it is based on the tag number and you can pick up the right box out of bunch of Neutral BOXes in storage.

You can choose among 3 colors (white, gray, and beige) and among 4 sizes for your storage:

  • Small (H13.5xD15.5xW26cm) - ¥700
  • Medium (H15.5xD20.5xW28cm) - ¥800
  • Large (H18xD27xW38cm) - ¥1,000
  • X-large (H21xD31xW40cm) - ¥1,300