Honda's Manga: The Road to Dakar, Chapter 2 - All for the Win...

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The Road to Dakar
Chapter 2 - All for the Win...

Honda’s released the second chapter of the manga detailing their return to the world’s toughest rally raid. 

At the beginning of this year, we brought to your attention and somewhat reviewed the first chapter of Honda’s promotional manga entitled The Road to Dakar. They just released the second chapter that continues with the new recruits going to Hokkaido for the design trials of the new bike.

Honda’s Manga: The Road to Dakar - Chapter 1
Honda’s Manga: The Road to Dakar - Chapter 2

In this issue we see what becomes of Mori and Sasaki from chapter 1, and it highlights some of the technical and cultural challenges the team needed to overcome during production of the CRF 450 rally bike (see video below).

If the first volume was to your liking, the second will be as well. As with Chapter 1, this installment is no masterwork but it is an interesting tale that follows effective and established plot devices to keep the reader turning...uhhh, clicking through the pages.