Thanko - Hands-free umbrella

Thanko released a huge 2-in-1 umbrella last week, and then today they released another unique umbrella product Hands-free Shushuku-gasa (shrinkable umbrella).

It's a fold-up umbrella which can be used like a regular umbrella. However, when you need to use both hands for something else while using the umbrella, (for example when you have bought a lot of things at the grocery store or when you want to take photos) this Thanko's new umbrella transforms to a hands-free umbrella.

There is a clip attached to the umbrella's grip. So when you need to make the umbrella hands-free, simply extend the clip part and snap the shaft to your pants, pocket or belt. Also, if you have a backpack on, you can doubly lock the shaft with the accompanying hook-and-loop fastener with the backpack's belt around your chest.

  • Price: ¥2,980
  • Weight: 412g