Let's shave everyday with Izumi-chan!

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Izumi-chan says she doesn't like it when your face is hairy…

Izumi Products Company, Japanese household appliances producer, will release a very geeky rechargeable shaver - "Moe" Shaver - from their shaver series "VIDAN series" on March 10.

On the front side of this limited edition shaver (500 units only!), the entire body of 19-year-old pink-haired Izumi Matsumoto, who is the PR character of the VIDAN series is printed.

Check out the Moe Shaver promotional videos by Izumi:

Moe Shaver is IPX7 waterproof so that you can use it in the bathroom. If you get one, treat Izumi-chan with care!

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Hurry and order the Izumi-chan shaver here.