Yamaha - Play the piano keys on the screen to search for music

Hey, what was that song called again? Here's a great tool to use during Karaoke.

When you cannot remember the title of a song in your head, the free iPhone/iPod touch application Hiichao Kensaku, just released today by Yamaha, could be helpful.

By playing a minimum of 4 tones on the piano keys displayed on the screen, the application will provide you with search results. After 5 tones, it will start narrowing the search and help you to find the song in your mind easily.

You can search the song not only with the chorus but also with any notable part of the song, so that you can get the search result with little memory. It will find the targeted song out of about 30,000 songs.

The company says that key and rhythm doesn't matter. But it does not say how musically accurate your 4 notes have to be to pull up the songs. It will be interesting to see how easily non-musicians will be able to search for songs.



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