Buffalo - USB flash drive to prevent viruses from invading

Akihabaranews.com - Buffalo RUF3-HSLTV USB flash drive

Buffalo's new USB flash drive RUF3-HSLTV series has the virus check function Trend Micro USB Security 2.1, which is able to prevent uncertainty and infection from viruses when you save data.

If you want to make sure your USB flash drive is not infected and avoid spreading viruses to your associates, RUF3-HSLTV series can be very useful.

RUF3-HSLTV series features the advanced encryption standard "AES-256bit". RUF3-HSLTV series updates virus pattern files automatically, detects virus infections and quarantines the virus via the internet.

Also, as a USB flash drive, it provides quick data transmission because it supports USB 3.0.

The series offers virus scan license periods of 5 years, 3 years and 1 year.

5 years model

  • 32GB: ¥29,610
  • 16GB: ¥24,045
  • 8GB: ¥19,530
  • 4B: ¥15,225

3 years model

  • 32GB: ¥27,510
  • 16GB: ¥21,840
  • 8GB: ¥17,430
  • 4B: ¥13,125

1 years model

  • 32GB: ¥25,410
  • 16GB: ¥19,845
  • 8GB: ¥15,330
  • 4B: ¥11,025

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Buffalo today announced their full-scale entry into the audio market with their newly established brand, DELA. The brand is for products designed for high-res audio equipment.

With its first release, Buffalo is going to release 3 products from DELA including 2 NAS models, which are the world's first NAS intended for exclusive use with high-res equipment, and a LAN cable. The 2 NAS models are made-to-order and will start being shipped at the end of this month.

Buffalo is going to release a uniquely shaped USB2.0 cable in early May to use with a smartphone/tablet for transferring data or for charging.

Yoriko Takahashi - April 09, 2014

Buffalo is going to release a washable PC keyboard (BSKBU12BK) in late April.

Keyboards, especially in between keys, easily get dirty with dust and food particles. I have had a serious desire to just wash my keyboard with water sometimes in the past, but of course I didn't.

However, Buffalo's new BSKBU12BK keyboard is washable. You can wash it with water or even scrub tough dirt out with water using the accompanying brush. Letters on the keys are carved by laser so that they are not likely to vanish easily.

Buffalo - Virus scan and password lock compliant USB memory


Buffalo is going to release a new USB memory series "RUF3-PV" (32GB, 16GB, 8GB) with virus scan and password lock functionalities in mid-September.

The password lock function protects against third parties using it, and since "RUF3-PV" has "Trend Micro USB Security 2.0" built-in, it will simultaneous monitor files you save or renew with the memory card for virus infection.

It's compatible with USB 3.0 so that the data transfer speed is 70MB/s, which is 1.8 times faster than other previous virus scan compliant USB memory.

Price: Open price


Yoriko Takahashi - May 01, 2014

Buffalo is going to release the silent Blue LED wireless mouse BSMBW11 series in mid-May.

This mouse series does not make sounds then you click even though it gives you a proper clicking sensation.

You can comfortably use it late at night, at the cafe or during meetings without bothering people around you.

With its Blue LED sensor, you can control the mouse on a clear glass table or clear sheet where it would not be possible to work with a mouse that features optical or laser sensor.


Buffalo developed a LAN connecter with a holding pin that will never become broken. It will be released in early August.

In more detail, it passed Buffalo's test, enduring getting bent 500 times and flexed to 180 degrees.

White nylon material is used for the pin.

Yoriko Takahashi - September 26, 2013


Buffalo is going to release a 2 outlet built-in USB battery charger "BSMPBAC06" in mid-August.

There are 2 USB ports on the battery charger supporting 3.1A output in total. Each of the USB ports are optimized for Apple or Android devices. The one for Apple products is able to charge iPhone and iPad quickly, while the other one for Android products is able to charge Android smartphones and tablets quickly.

2 outlet outputs are built-in for 1,500W for total.