Buffalo - USB flash drive to prevent viruses from invading

Akihabaranews.com - Buffalo RUF3-HSLTV USB flash drive

Buffalo's new USB flash drive RUF3-HSLTV series has the virus check function Trend Micro USB Security 2.1, which is able to prevent uncertainty and infection from viruses when you save data.

If you want to make sure your USB flash drive is not infected and avoid spreading viruses to your associates, RUF3-HSLTV series can be very useful.

RUF3-HSLTV series features the advanced encryption standard "AES-256bit". RUF3-HSLTV series updates virus pattern files automatically, detects virus infections and quarantines the virus via the internet.

Also, as a USB flash drive, it provides quick data transmission because it supports USB 3.0.

The series offers virus scan license periods of 5 years, 3 years and 1 year.

5 years model

  • 32GB: ¥29,610
  • 16GB: ¥24,045
  • 8GB: ¥19,530
  • 4B: ¥15,225

3 years model

  • 32GB: ¥27,510
  • 16GB: ¥21,840
  • 8GB: ¥17,430
  • 4B: ¥13,125

1 years model

  • 32GB: ¥25,410
  • 16GB: ¥19,845
  • 8GB: ¥15,330
  • 4B: ¥11,025