Fujitsu - tablet with a touch-panel that allows tactile impression

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories made a trial model of a tablet with a touch panel built-in that allows for tactile feelings such as rough and smooth.

Touch panel technology has been available that conveys to users irregular texture by producing static electricity or through vibration of the touch panel itself, however, for the first time, Fujitsu Laboratories is displaying technology that offers real tactile sense by changing the frictional force between the touch panel and the user's finger using ultrasonic vibration. Thanks to this new technology, users will be able to start feeling the texture of the displayed object.

Fujitsu is displaying and demonstrating the trial model at MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress 2014), in Barcelona, Spain. They are planning to turn it into a commercial reality in 2015.

4 demonstrations of this technology can be experienced there:

- Koto (Japanese harp)
When you hit the strings of the Koto, you will have the feeling that you are actually playing it.

- DJ
You will have the feeling of touching the smooth surface of a CD, moving it to make a remix and touching the convex control bars.

- Money safe
You will have the feeling of twisting the dial and feeling of the moment when the lock is unlocked.

- Alligator
When you touch the alligator's photo, you will feel the different rough textures depending on its parts.

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