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This week it’s the JTFF shaming anti-nuclear activists.

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Welcome to Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
It’s already Friday west of the international dateline – here in Japan, it’s totally the future. The weekly JTFF is our somewhat Technosnarky coverage of 2-5 particularly important, specifically Japan-related tech stories. Get yourself hip to the micro & macro that went down while North America was sleeping – check in with Akihabara News every Friday morning and BOOM! Ahead of the game, you win.

:: JTFF – February 21, 2014 ::

• Japan Should Stop Exporting Nuclear Tech, “Because Fukushima,” They Say
A Greenpeace-sponsored delegation of activists from India, France, and elsewhere are protesting Japan’s ongoing nuclear tech export initiatives. Now, the JTFF has been following this issue for years; when Japan’s post-Tohoku Disaster, nationwide nuclear shutdown went into place, it didn’t take long for government and the captains of industry to realize that people at home were going to be freaked out for a long while, so best to start selling the tech overseas. In these years, our refrain hasn’t changed all that much, and it goes a little something like this:

Children of the earth, wherever you call home, if you don’t like nuclear tech, fine - opinions are your right. But, have you anything better or safer that’s viable like... now? No, you do not. Since renewables and alternatives are not ready on a large enough scale, if you refuse nuclear, just like Japan you must either extract or import more fossil fuels. Period. Full stop. That is your only choice. That, or live without electricity.

Still unmoved? Okay, go ahead and add up all the environmental damage and human death and suffering caused by generating electricity with nuclear power. Then, do the same for that derived of fossil fuels. Examine your figures. Comprende? 分かりますか?

If it the point doesn’t yet penetrate, or perhaps you really want to explore intellectual masochism, let’s get more specific: And ohhh boy, there’s just so much to choose from… AH-HA! Okay, go ahead and research the Deepwater Horizon disaster a little bit. That single event in fossil fuel extraction history has caused more death and environmental destruction than all nuclear accidents since Chernobyl, and yes, here's that word: combined.

And just to be generous, here are few more words: Gulf of Mexico. Oil-rich countries of the Middle East. The land area affected by the frakking boom in North America.

Invoking the Fukushima Daiichi component of the Tohoku disaster in international anti-nuclear tech protests is exploitative scaremongering, and, if sincere, reveals astounding mathematical and logical ineptitude both among those espousing the views, and among those moved by them. The entirely unpredictable, wholly singular Tohoku Disaster tragically killed more than 18,000 human beings, a number that includes absolutely zero casualties from nuclear anything.     

That was the JTFF, and live from the future – that is all.

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