Thanko - 2-in-1 Niko-ichi Umbrella - Thanko Niko-Ichi-Gasa Umbrella

It looks like 2 umbrellas, but it's just a single strong umbrella!

A huge umbrella, Niko-Ichi-Gasa, that looks like 2 umbrellas got attached was released by Thanko. It's obviously big so that it will be easy to use together with somebody else and you can avoid the situation where either of you gets soaked.

Also, because it features a design that covers the sides, you will be protected from diagonally wind-blown rain.

There are 2 shafts on Niko-Ichi-Gasa. You are able to put your head between these shafts so you can use this umbrella hands-free!

  • Price: ¥2,480
  • Color: black, red, pink, yellow
  • Size: 1170mm x 1100mm, 870mm (length)
  • Weight: 755g

Order the Thanko 2-in-1 Niko-Ichi Umbrella here.