New Toyota AYGO, Inspired by Japanese Youth Culture, Launching at Geneva Motor Show

AYGO - J-Playful? -

Smallish, economy cars - the A-segment - are often one associated with youth, playfulness and fun. With performance and accessories often kept to the Spartan side of things across the market, styling is one place where makers can set themselves apart from the competition.

Toyota Europe’s upcoming AYGO takes a specific tack:

“What I wanted to make was a car that stands out in a Japanese way, in order to capture the imagination of customers all-around Europe. So I let myself be inspired by today’s Japanese youth-culture.”

-David Terai, Toyota AYGO Chief Engineer

With this in mind, in designing the new AYGO Toyota went with a lighter, youthful theme they’re calling “J-Playful.”

Toyota will officially unveil the AYGO at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4, and per the promotional teaser video, engineers want the car to “stand out, in a Japanese sense…”  We’ll have to wait until the 4th to see what exactly that means, but for now, in Toyota's only teaser photo and associated marketing materials, what we’re seeing is a big X:

And, via our Tokyo Street Shots gallery feature, here's what we’re seeing in Japanese youth culture:

This is J-Playful? 

Interesting mashup.

J-Automaker at the Geneva Motor Show
In addition to the AYGO, Toyota will also be showcasing their Hydrogen Fuel Cell concept (FCV) and future mobility concepts.

If the latest in car tech and the future of road travel is your thing, and you’re in the Geneva area(!), be sure to check it out... And send us a few snaps too!

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