Logicool - Thin, illuminated keyboard and mouse set

Logicool is going to start selling the Wireless Mouse Performance Combo MX 800 on February 28, which is a set of a thin, illuminated keyboard and a mouse. By setting the single accompanying receiver to your PC, you can control both the keyboard and mouse.

If you get these separately, the keyboard is ¥11,980 and the mouse is ¥13,800. However, if you buy them together as a set, it will be only ¥17,800.

The keyboard is 2.5cm thick and its backlight automatically adjusts according to the brightness of the room. By featuring Incurve keys and the "Perfectstroke" key system, the keyboard gives you a smooth and quiet typing experience.

The mouse has high-speed scrolling performance. You can add functions such as horizontal scroll, back, go or zoom to the 4 customizable buttons.

  • Price: ¥17,800
  • Keyboard size: 447.5×190.0×25.0mm, 672g
  • Receiver size: 14.4×18.7×6.1mm, 2g
  • Mouse size: 83.5×128.3×47.0, 147g