Kiki was sighted on a broomstick in front of a famous shrine in Tokyo

Opening day of the live-action movie Kiki’s Delivery Service is just around the corner! It will be released on March 1. Ahead of opening day, an event for the movie took place at Hanazono Shrine in Tokyo today.

In the event, Fuka Koshiba, who was cast as Kiki, showed up from the sky over the shrine riding on the broomstick, dressed in full costume!

It made for great viewing and interesting news. She was being hauled 15 meters above the ground with a crane - and was reportedly insured for one hundred million yen (about $1,000,000).


The upcoming movie was filmed on Shodo Island (Shodo-shima) in Kagawa prefecture. It is a famous island in the Inland Sea of Japan and the Prefecture made a map of the various places where the movie was shot on the island. There is the famous bakery where Kiki works and the stunning natural landscape where Kiki is flying around in the movie. If you are interested, please follow in her footsteps on Shodo Island!

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