Sony's Moved 5.3 Million PS4s; Japan Gets Theirs Saturday

Sony Sells 5.3 Million PS4s -

Well, that's Escalating Nicely 
Back at the beginning of December, we reported that Sony had sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4s in the next-gen console’s first two weeks on shelves; an impressive and respectable number. As it turns out, respectable numbers have continued to add up: as of February 8, Sony’s moved 5.3 million PS4s.

Making Global Cash; Soon to be Making Yen
So let’s see: take 5.3 million x $400 at the low end = hooooray for capitalism, and hoooray for Sony. They could use a good win, and with the additional push that’ll come with the console’s Japanese debut (Saturday’s Feb. 22, and yes, we’re just as perplexed by that as everyone else, something to do with J-game developers being super slow or somesuch) - at least for Sony Computer Entertainment, things are going very well.

Remaining Tasks for Sony:
In the aforementioned December article, we also sang our standard refrain advising Sony to put a stop to that whole VAIO thing, and they did. Since we’re now aware of our super power, here’s a list of our additional demands: 

1. Delete the PSP
2. Keep going with the short-throw 4K projectors because those are badass
3. Bring back AIBO
4. Bring back QRIO

We just might be learning to love you again, dear Sony.

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