Seiko - Alpinist - Solar digital watch to support mountain climbers

Solar digital watch, Alpinist, will be released from Seiko's sports watch series called "Seiko Prospects" on March 8. Alpinist was created under the supervision of alpinist, Mr. Gota Miura.

To support safe mountain climbing, Alpinist has 3 sensors built-in: "pressure" "magnetism" and "temperature". Thanks to these 3 sensors, Alpinist provides basic functions to measure altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and direction, as well as advanced functions such as displaying the speed of climbing. By knowing your climbing speed, you can estimate the approximate time required to reach your destination. It will help you to know  whether your schedule is going well or not, whether you are ahead of pace or whether you should reconsider your climbing plan.

The official "MIURA DOLPHINS" limited model (¥27,000) and the regular model (¥26,000) will be released. They have the same specs but the limited model has a memorable purple camouflage design and a "MIURA DOLPHINS" logo on it, and only 700 units will be available. For the regular model, you can choose a color among black, red and green.

"MIURA DOLPHINS" is a sports related organization run by Mr. Gota Miura and Mr. Yuichiro Miura, Gota's father and fellow adventurer.