[REVIEW] 'Mobile Clean & Go' Gadget Screen Cleaner

REVIEW: Mobile Clean & Go - AkihabaraNews.com

Cleans our Many Screens
There are some in this world who don’t mind the build-up of funk and finger grease and potato chip crumbs on their smartphone or tablet screen, and then there are the sane people who like to keep things tidy and usable. This is for the latter.

The Mobile Clean & Go is a simple, handy screen and lens cleaner best suited for mobile phones, tablets, camera viewscreens & lenses, and sunglasses. It’s packaged into a shape that fits nicely in a pocket without causing any unsightly or uncomfortable bulges.

The two-sided cleaning cloth, with a scrub side and a polish side, is great for removing those seemingly permanent bits of whatever from your phone or tablet screen. At 15 ml, the liquid volume won’t get you any special treatment from the TSA in the USA, or from any other airline security organizations (frequent flyers will appreciate that).

The plastic flap case that holds both the fluid container and cleaning fabric has a separate sleeve for each. However, once the cleaning fabric was wet it was almost impossible to get it smoothly placed in it’s own pocket. Best to just stick the two items together and they slide right in.

Nice form factor and utility. Good for individual use, and could easily be a product other companies would co-brand and distribute as calling cards or SWAG at tech conferences or any professional gathering.

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Contributing reviewer Brad Piece is a veteran IT security engineer and CEO of Portland, Oregon-based Digiboom, Inc.