LG - Futon "Punch Cleaner" - introduced by the cutest family of dust in the product video (Video)

Futon 'Punch Cleaner'
LG Electronics is going to release the new
Futon Punch Cleaner (VH9201DSW) for cleaning duvets and mattresses in late February.

It cleans them by tapping them 8,000 times per minute with the built-in "punch plates" and then vacuums dust and allergic substances off.

You may not be incredibly excited by cleaning products, but you might like the adorable dust family in the product video (see images below after the video):

Placing the cleaner on the accompanying charging station for 5 minutes after you finished cleaning will sterilize the inlet port with ultra violet light.

Price: About ¥39,800
Size: W20.0×D41.7×H26.7cm, 1.9kg (Cleaner), W26.5×D30.0×21.4cm, 0.9kg (Station)