Sakura-mochi flavored beer released by SanktGallen

SanktGallen, a microbrewery from Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture, is going to release Sakura-mochi flavored beer -  called "Sakura" - in a limited quantity on February 27.

Sakura-mochi is a seasonal rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in preserved cherry leaf. Less hops are used for this Sakura beer to maximize the Sakura flavors extracted from cherry blossom petals and leaves.

Price: ¥450 (330ml)

A very interesting side note: The Japanese Liquor Tax Act doesn't allow cherry blossoms to be an ingredient of beer, so this beer is technically called "Happoshu" (low-malt beer) under law, although it contains almost as much malt as regular beers.

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