Kagoshima is not Tokyo, and that's a Good Thing (GALLERY)

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Where’s Kagoshima? 
The city and prefecture of Kagoshima are almost as far south as one can travel without leaving Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main landmasses. Beyond Kagoshima is the dotted line of Japan’s Ryūkyūan Islands, including Okinawa, stretching all the way to Yonaguni - only about 110 km (68 miles) from Taiwan.

Although Kagoshima City is home to more than 600,000, by all counts it is considered rural Japan. And okay, to be fair, compared to Tokyo, pretty much everywhere on the planet could be considered rural; but if you’ve traveled Japan, you know it totally makes sense. And if you haven’t traveled Japan, in addition to Tokyo, Osaka, and the other big names, Kagoshima is one of the reasons you should.

Can’t be All Tech All the Time. Well, We Can - But Still...
Naturally, we all love life here in Tokyo, but from time to time, even a herd of flaming technology dorks needs a break from the gigantic, hyper-densely populated metropolis. While we’re not ready to hop on the Shinkansen and rocket south to Kagoshima just yet, thanks to a happenstance conversation on our Facebook page, we do have a lovely gallery to take our minds off the sirens, trains, buses, and screeching street performers - some anti-Tokyo, if you will.

“You are right, Kagoshima is not Tokyo, and that's a Good Thing! It's like something out of Ghibli movie.

I've been following your site for a number of years now..and always try to use it for research when looking to buy electronics.

I picked up a Sony Cybershot DSC-T20 in Akihabara in 2007...I give all credit to that camera. I did have to color balance some of them - but that stupid little thing has taken some great shots!”

That’s reader, now contributor Dan Donaldson, AKA 'Daniel-san' to his Japanese mother in law (HA!). Dan is a marketing specialist, web developer, and long-time AkihabaraNews fan from Northwest Indiana, U.S.A. Dan has visited Japan 6 times over the past 20 years, and in 1997 married a Japanese woman from a small farming town in Ibaraki (north of Tokyo).

While chatting it up on Facebook, we found out that Dan had collected some really decent photos - and here we are. Dan shot the galleries below during a family excursion to Kagoshima, a place very green, very beautiful, and oh so very not at all like Tokyo. Amazingly, he did so with one of these:

For that feat of camera wizardry, Dan and Sony get a lot of props. He also gets our gratitude for a providing a temporary respite, if but visual, from the throbbing metropolitan heartbeat of the gigantic city we love. Tokyo Street Shots are great, but it might be time to start planning a vacation.


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