Ministop - Ketchupy spaghetti steamed bun "Napolitan-man"

In the shadow of Family Mart's unique steamed bun release rush, we got to know that another Japanese major convenience store Ministop recently started selling a weird one - Napolitan-man.

The best description of "Napolitan" is a ketchupy spaghetti dish. It's one of the Japanese western-style dishes that Japanese people traditionally love. Please read the detail about Napolitan from our previous article:

Napolitan Stadium - The champions of Japanese favorite ketchupy spaghetti

So, Ministop stuffed Napolitan in a steamed bread and united 2 Japanese favorites; Nikuman and Napolitan. Enjoy the combination of the bun and spaghetti with ketchup, sausage, onion, and green pepper.